The Century: an iconic hotel

Built in 1939, The Century Hotel stands on the 100 block of Ocean Drive, the same block where Miami Beach’s first hotel, The Brown Hotel first opened up in 1913.  Designed by Henry Hohauser, known as the father of the Miami Art Deco Movement, its construction represents a shifting in his designs, known as “The style modern”. His designs became more intimate, and seemed more like sailing vessels, with masts erected symmetrically right in its center. Portholes and frontal curves enhanced its building facades. Hohauser’s buildings are perhaps the largest art deco representation of all structures contained within the nationally designated historic area of Miami Beach, but The Century today stand along as it did back in 1939. Perhaps Hohauser wanted to convey an important message change is inevitable and almost always necessary, from large to small, from populated to fewer, from many to one. No wonder the Century has come to be known as the hippest place in Lower Ocean Drive, now days known as SoFi. Just as it did right after its construction, The Century continues to attract photographers, models, famous and overall an intimate place to stay. Its history includes having been a jazz club, a veterans hospital a cultural center but most importantly a favorite of the free spirited. Perhaps its “Magic” as sensed by many of our guests is a manifestation of great lived moments throughout decades. Our guests have included popular artists. After all, its builder is considered to be one of the 100 most influential people in South Florida. Thereafter, its owners have included visionaries, and local personalities. Today, The Century continues with its legacy of housing locals and visitors who seek a unique stay, whether here for pleasure or business our guests enjoy the opportunity for intimate conversations or going about their business in a place where all is possible. Today, The Century hosts a once a month events where local and international artist are given the opportunity to be seeing, and perhaps an opportunity to fame. Our mission remains intact to that of its original builder, its first management team and certainly its first employees. Our guests are the most especial thing in our building and its management and staff are delirious to provide excellent service, personalized attention, and intimate conversations. Most importantly, a clean, cozy and quite room where one rests just as if at home.